Unlock your LG

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What do you need to get your phone unlocked? A SIM card different from the original carrier, your IMEI code (just dial *#06# and SEND), your phone and our code.

We have unlocked thousands of LG smartphone models, including the Nexus and G series, L70, G4, G2, G3, Optimus, Stylus, etc.

Some cell phones from T-Mobile y MetroPCS operators, instead of using an unlock code, they will need to be unlocked using the “Unlock App” from. These are the common models that use the Unlock App:LG Leon 4G Lte, V10, G4, G5, H345, H631, H811, H901, K330, K7, G Stylo. To be able to unlock the mobile phone with the App, you would need to place your order, so we can unlock it from the system and then you can use the app to make effective the process in your mobile.

Then you can use it with different sim cards from different countries, and it may be used with two or more sim cards simultaneously with a sim card adapter.