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Getting a BlackBerry 5790 phone unlocked has never been this easy.

By using our remote unlocking services you will be able to use Mobile Phone with any other GSM network provider worldwide without any restriction, saving money on roaming charges and increasing the resale value of your cell phone!

This service will provide you a specific code to unlock your Mobile Phone .

Once you successfully enter this code into the phone, your phone will be unlocked and ready to accept any SIM card from any GSM network worldwide, including your current SIM carrier!

No Data cable or software is required.

In order to supply you with your unlock code all we need is your Phone Model, IMEI number and current Network.

After placing your order, the unlock code together with simple instructions will be sent to your email address.


Ø Use your cell Mobile Phone phone with any GSM service provider worldwide.
Ø Save money on roaming charges when you need to use your Mobile Phone phone abroad.
Ø Absolutely no risk of damaging your Mobile Phone phone.
Ø Increase the resale value of your Mobile Phone phone by 100%!
Ø Run two SIM cards in one Mobile Phone phone using a dual sim adapter.
Ø No need to send your Mobile Phone phone away, remote unlock by code.
Ø Instant Mobile Phone phone unlocking with no technical knowledge required.


How To Enter Your BlackBerry 5790 Unlock Code

Once you have received your BlackBerry 5790 unlocking code, it is very simple to enter it:

1. Go to options
2. Scroll to SIM CARD then press jog dial in once to select it
3. Type MEPD (not case sensitive) ( you will not see text appear on screen while typing )
4. Does it say Network active? if so your phone is locked
5. Press and hold the alt key (half moon looking key on the lower left side)
6. As you are holding the alt key type in MEPE (not case sensitive) ( you will not see text appear on screen while typing )
7. Type in the unlock code when prompted
8. After entering the code press the jog dial in
9. Your phone is now unlocked!

- If there is more than one code provided, type each one until the phone says 'Code Accepted'.
-Restart the phone.