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You can unlock your mobile phone and be free of operator imposed restrictions within minutes, using our great value Alcatel 311 phone unlocking service. For as little as 17.99 you can have the freedom to use any compatible SIM card on any network in your Alcatel 311 handset.

Unlocking your handset will enable you to use any SIM card in your phone, allowing you to take advantage of more competitive tariffs from rival networks. You will also be able to use SIM cards purchased whilst abroad, allowing you to use local networks and make significant savings on the cost of calls and SMS messages. Finally, unlocking your phone may add value should you wish to sell it. The ability for a new owner to use their SIM card of choice will be far more appealing than having to pay to have the handset unlocked first.

We are able to generate your unique unlock code instantly. All we need from you is your handsets IMEI number, which can be found by typing *#06# into your phone, and the network operator you are currently tied to.

Once we have received payment, your unique unlock code will be displayed immediately on screen and an additional copy sent to you by E-Mail. Full instructions on how to use the code to unlock your handset are also included.

The whole process is very simple and is guaranteed to work. No additional cables or software are required, and having followed the instructions carefully, you can have your handset unlocked in a matter of minutes.


How It Works

1.Select your phone and fill out our order form
2.We will email your unlock code along with easy to understand instructions on how to enter it.
3.Put in a different SIM card and enjoy your new freedom.